Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas...

(this is going ot be a sad post on a wonderful day)

last night realizing that i did nothing at all with any of the close people in my life, i began to think of what was most important to me..

since the 'going home of key family members, holidays haven't been the same for my family.

i use to have a close big family and we would all be together all year round.

but that all changed..

until about two years ago when someone really special came into my life and blessed me to be apart of their family.

everything felt good, i had that special person in my life for the first time for holidays, and i had a family again. i considered them to be my auntie's, cousins, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers.

i honestly never felt so close to another family...

but things changed...once again

this year, im reminded me of how blessed i am, but also reminded of how much i miss having that big, close, loving family i used to have.

its the holidays, but honestly im sad .

to those that know me on a real personal level, i consider you my family. god has blessed me with you in my life.

to that special someone who gave me that blessing to be apart of there family, their aren't words in the human language to describe how thankful i am of you.

my Christmas prayer would be only one thing, to have you and your family close again..

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