Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekend Sale

Sataurday only. Selected items will be on sale for only $15. it is our $15 on the 15th sale!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Glamorous Living Kids in Globe Clothing Store (GCS) Pomona, CA.

Support your local hip-hop shop!
GLK has officially landed in GCS. Hard work has paid off finally with a new retail location for GLK.
The display sits at the front enterance of the store for all to see when they come in.

Friday, June 22, 2012

..Hooking up your desktop with some flava!

Replace that old desktop background with something super creative. Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD wallpaper image for you to enjoy!

[Click the image to download] (right click + save).

supportive customers!

Just seen this photo of one of my customers showing off their TRI-FORCE GLK keychain. Thank you to all that have supported the brand!!
shop at to see what I have in stores!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the benifits of having HARMONY in your life..

GLK x Harmony
I had a great time doing a photo shoot with my lovely friend Harmony C aka MONY. Many might know her from her work as a model for the Import / Euro car scene and high fashion shoots. She has been a very supportive fan of GLK since the day we met her. So we decided to link up and just take some photos. The shoot was wonderful because it was more fun than serious, and thats the way all shoots normally are for me. We had a great chemistry, making it easy to capture different looks from her. She is funny, goofy, sexy, and Glamorous in every way...

Be sure to become a fan of MONY's work on her fan page on Facebook.

There will be an exclusive release of posters of the images you see above. Stay posted to hear how to get yours.


we host a very creative showcase once a month in Pomona, CA. called The Lotus Lounge!! I personally am very excited about this particular showcase because we have STEVIE CROOKS coming out to perform!! ive been a long time fan. This showcase will be overwhelmed with talent by local clothing brands and boutiques such as GLK, INKY JINKS, and TOLCA. With very amazing perofmances by artist such as MACHETE THE KID, REMIX, and MILLON. Come down to DBA256 Winebar on JULY 8TH to see this showcase for the price of $free.99!....yes, this is a FREE showcase for everyone to enjoy! hope to see you all there!!