Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LOVE presents FREAKS AND GEEKS at Karma!

There is no picture to click!
how will I find my photo in the Glamorous GLK Photobooth"?!!

Dont trip, just be cool!
We have moved our weekly pictures to our Facebook account for everyone to enjoy!
Please join us on Facebook and keep yourself updated with tons of company updates, along with your weekly photos from all the events and nightclubs that we do!

You can click the Facebook logo to join us there!
thank you!
GLK Company.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"My Name Flip" by Flip Major.


Its our long time homie and local SEVENS artist Flip Major.

"you're doing big things bro, and bigger things are to come"

check him out!



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Change is to come.

Hey everyone.
We would like to let you know about some changes coming to our company!
We are all excited and working supa dupa hard on everything we do here!

First order of business is:

Pictures will no long be posted here on our blogspot. We will be posting all club pictures on our Facebook account.

Second order of business:

The blog will e updated here and there, but come November, we will have our official site up and operational!

Third order of da bid-ness:
Our fall collection is going to be truly amazing! New styles, new trends, new everything! and some goodies for the ladies....(hint,hint). It's just going to take a lil more time to unveil than we planned out..

We thank all of you know have been support and rockin' with GLK since 2005.
Change is to come, and its for the best!

Chris Thompson.
CEO of GLK Company.