Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This girl has been my inspiration for the last three years now, guys a good women come every once in a while, but a great women is once in a lifetime. she is such a blessssssing to my life. Many know her as Rissa Cupcake, but i know her as my Island Cuddle Bear. She has changed my life and helped me grow into a man. i owe her my heart. We've literally painted years of memories together that will never leave our hearts. I dont know what life would be like if i never met her, and i dont even want to know. Guys, finding a bestfriend in life takes a lot, it takes ups and downs, heart breaks and make ups. As my friend she makes me want the betters in life, her drive for her hustle has caught me breathless and speechless. She is the sweetest girl in the world. There isn't a thing i wouldn't do for her. Her heart is so big, she can love someone through anything, and that's what real love is. Marissa will forever be my friend no matter what happens, and i pray the day comes where our hearts,paint,love and soul are all on the same wave for eternity. I love my best friend, Marissa my Island Cuddle Bear...

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